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Name:Louis Lathrop
Birthdate:Jul 4
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
"You have to hide, because the world isn't ready to accept your beauty yet..."

Louis was born out of wedlock to a 17 year old mother in a small town in England. She was able to hide her pregnancy for the most part, however at about eight months in she was discovered. Because of their religious beliefs they beat and burned the girl and her unborn child until an officer of the law put a stop to it all. He had not arrived in time to save the girls life, the young child however was saved but not without some 'battle wounds'. The child was burned on the right hand side of his body and while he healed he was left with large scars covering the entirety of his face, arms, torso and thigh. He was also left with poor vision in his eye on that side.

The officer took the child and moved to London. Far away from the ignorance of the small town. He raised Louis as though he was his own, seeing him through his recovery. Adopting him once he was cleared for health. He grew up fairly normal, his 'dad' later got on and married to a wonderful woman named Megan who Louis took to immediately. Proof that not all horror stories have to end terribly.

Well, mostly. Because of the scars on his body Louis was horribly teased. It's caused him to grow into a very quiet, very submissive young adult. He fears people greatly, but because of the way he was raised, can't help but try and interact with them. His new mother taught him that there is kindness in everyone, even when they don't show it, and to give people the benefit of the doubt and judge them not on actions that are not their own. It's easier said than done some days.

At the age of 13 Louis discovered he had a gift. He possesses the ability to bend fire to his will and sometimes create it.

[Louis is a guy what come from my head. His PB is Jim Sturgess from 'Heartless'. Muse and mun are over 18, I am slowly working on making this page better.]
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